2D Animation

Story animation is a 2D animation done to tell a story. Are you seeking to give your viewers an immersive experience? When it comes to storytelling, story animation is the way to go. What really sets it apart from the other animations is its use of environments. This gives your video that extra engaging and immersive factor.

All the content you want to convey is condensed into a short story. Your viewers will walk through the whole thing by following a linear storyline. With a narrative that flows chronologically, it will be easy for your viewers to understand the information presented to them. Remembering most of the information is also easy. It is much easier to remember something when it’s told to you in a story form.

Coupled with such an immersive format, your viewers will also enjoy this whole process!

Case Study

Here’s the story animation video that Gram did for Olam

It is overwhelming to explain something as complicated as the future of the supply chain. Along with its density, the information is rather technical as well. Due to the technical nature of the information, it is difficult to hold the viewer’s attention.

The supply chain also doesn’t happen in a linear manner. The whole process happens in a cycle. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be in a linear story format. There is always a way to bring in a narrative storyline.

So, Olam’s video needs to be immersive yet easy to understand. This holds people’s attention and get the information through to them.

This is why story animation works for Olam. It breaks downs the technical aspects of the explanation, tells it through an easy to understand narrative and condenses it to a short two-minute video.

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