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How to Double your Revenue for B2B Tech Companies and

Systemize your Business with our Proven and Effective


without Worrying about SEO, Website, or 100 other marketing tricks you read online.

Trusted and Partnered with Hundreds of Organizations in Singapore and Worldwide

Why work with Gram?

We are a top video production company in Singapore,dedicated to bringing you real results with videos. We've helped large B2B tech organizations like Uber, UOB, Singtel, A*STAR, Audi, Visa and countless more with our Full-Stack Video Framework.

Get a 1-to-1 Consultation with our Video Strategist

Right now we’re on a mission to help Singapore 100 B2B Tech Companies create an effective video marketing plan with our Full-Stack video framework to prepare them for an ever-changing economy.

We charge our MNC clients $1000 per hour for a 1-to-1 consultation. Now you can apply to get it FREE.

Not Convinced?

Hear from one of our many successful B2B Technology clients.


Over $300,000 In Sales in The First Month!

Our business has changed forever, and we will never go back to doing marketing the old way because after we revamped our marketing strategy (which I still use today), we closed over $300,000 in sales in the first month!

In fact, clients come in already half-convinced with our products and they were much easier and faster to close!”

Nigel Lim, CEO, Payboy (Payroll & HR Software)

During your free consultation, we’ll be revealing

how our Full-Stack Video Framework can benefit you

When you book your slot, here’s a fraction of what you’ll discover

Running Ads

Mistakes B2B Tech Companies do when they run ads and how you can avoid them

Video Strategy

What many B2B Tech Companies are doing wrong with their videos and video marketing

Non-Stop stream of leads

How to use videos in your digital marketing and get non-stop stream of leads

It’s as simple as that!

Due to the over whelming amount of businesses ramping up their marketing due to COVID-19, we'll be busy helping them to grow to the next level with our Full-Stack Video Framework.

The number of slots are limited to 5 a week max and is by Application Approval Only.

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