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How to Double your Leads and

Scale your Sales With Our Lead Gen Program:


without SEO, website, media features, or 50 other marketing tricks…

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The G.R.A.M. Accelerator is a 4 stage program where we guide and help clients double their leads to scale their sales. To qualify, our clients first go through a Lead Gen Strategy Audit to see if they are the right fit.

We normally charge $1000 for an audit session, but for a limited time, we’re providing it free, limited to 5 slots a week. 

You will discover how to:

  • Generate high-quality prospects daily
  • Ethically steal your competitors’ leads
  • Double the conversion rate of visitors 

We had the opportunity of working with Gram on 2 videos so far and they really delivered in terms of quality, and speediness. They truly delivered, we would definitely recommend them!

Jeffrey Fang

Chief Corporate Officer, CapBridge

Why work with Gram?

With over 6 years of experience, we are an established video production company in Singapore, dedicated tohelping technology companies worldwide.

Our G.R.A.M. Accelerator has helped technology companies like Uber, UOB, A*STAR, Visa and more.

Hear from one of our many successful technology clients.



Over $300,000 In Sales in The First Month!

Our business has changed forever, and we will never go back to doing marketing the old way because after we revamped our marketing strategy (which I still use today), we closed over $300,000 in sales in the first month!

In fact, clients come in already half-convinced with our products and they were much easier and faster to close!”

Nigel Lim, CEO, Payboy (Payroll & HR Software)



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