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Throughout the years, our animated video projects have impressed numerous clients. At the heart of this is our animation production process, which we have refined into a comprehensive 9-Steps Animation Blueprint. This has allowed clients of all sizes, from all over the world, to work with us easily and effectively – to achieve exceptional results with our animations.


1. Diagnosis

We will schedule a call to understand your company, diagnose the challenges, recommend the right video solution, and create a video strategy brief.

2. Moodboard

Depending on your company’s brand and tone, we will explore various graphical styles using our video style matrix that best represents your company.

3. Script

Great videos begin with great scripts. Our writers will craft a script that delivers a clear and compelling message, and engage viewers right from the start.

4. Voice over

To add life to your video, a professional voice-over artist is engaged. We will send you various voices with different tones, as well as our preferred recommendation.


5. Storyboard

Our artists then conceptualizes the script into visual concepts for you. You will be able to visualise how your video will flow and give your suggestions here as well.

6. Styleframes

Styleframes are like the screenshots of your final video. Our designers create beautifully unique illustrations tailored to your brand, to tell your memorable story.

7. Music

The right music changes everything. That’s why before animating, we set the tone of your video with the right music selection from our vast library of royalty-free music.

8. Animation

The most integral part of crafting your animation. Our animators put magic into the illustrations that we designed earlier and make it truly come to life. 

9. Sound

For the finishing touches, our sound engineer will mix in sound effects to give your animation the extra pop to make for a truly immersive video experience.

10. Marketing

After investing so much money and time, it would be a complete waste not to advertise your video. Therefore the logical next step is to channel your video to your intended audience and convert them to achieve high ROI through digital marketing.

This is where we create a digital marketing campaign for you, using the channel that can best achieve your ROI, be it SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or YouTube.

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