1st Place for NTUC PWM Animation and Video Contest

This is a project for the NTUC competition on promoting the Progressive Wage model and how it helps low- wage workers in Singapore. The Progressive Wage Model centers around helping workers earn better wages through skills upgrading and productivity. At the same time, PWM also helps companies to attract, retain and make better use of every worker. Another plus point, the PWM model works for all workers: from the low wage workers to Professionals, Managers and Executives in a wide spectrum of industries, with the aim to improve their job prospects and incomes.

There are 4 key components in PWM: Salary Progression; Skills Upgrading; Career Advancement; and Productivity Improvement.

We decided to tell the story through a man named John, who is a cleaner and a security guard and yet have not enough money to pay for his bills. But with PWM, he is able to pay off his bills.

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