Explainer Videos

Explain your idea, how it works, and showcase why you are different by using explainer videos.

What are

Explainer Videos?

It can be hard explaining your ideas in 1 minute. But adding meaningful visuals with dynamic animations makes your message much easier to understand.  That’s an explainer video.

The important thing about explainer videos is to keep it concise and engaging, sharing only the key details. This leaves your audience wanting more, prompting them to your call to action at the end of the video.

When, Who, and How?

When should you use it?

When you have a complex product or idea and you need others, both internal and external parties, to understand so that they can buy into your idea.

Who is it for?

Explainer Videos are most effective for a target audience that is already aware of the problem and are looking for solutions.

How should you use it?

They can be used as ads, on your home page, email or social media marketing, trade show conferences, or even as an introduction at your sales meetings.

Our past Explainer Videos:


The Oxford club. Retire now on one perfect stock.

Great Eastern

The Oxford club. Retire now on one perfect stock.


The Oxford club. Retire now on one perfect stock.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Be crystal clear.

If your message is complex, no matter how good your idea is, people will not understand. An explainer video helps you deliver your message in a clear and easy to understand way, in just one minute.

From maybe to yes!

Once they understand your idea better, they are more likely to visit your website to find out more. That increases your conversion rate by up to 80%.

A memorable impression.

The attention span of most adults is only 8 seconds, shorter than goldfishes! With explainer videos, your audience remembers more, have greater brand retention, and stay on your website up to 88% longer.

It's more engaging.

Audiences are overall better engaged when watching Explainer Videos. This is because it uses both the visual and auditory senses to tell a story. 

How are we different?

Video Strategy Framework

Understanding your business has always been our first priority. Through the years, we have created and refined our video strategy framework, allowing us to better translate the problems you solve, your unique solution, and your differentiating factors, into a compelling video story that captivates your audience.

Best of Both Worlds

A successful explainer video combines both strategy and creativity to truly win over your audience. The creativity captures their attention and makes them watch on, while the strategy means that you are delivering the right message to the right audience, at the right time and location in order to drive action and see the best results.

Guidelines for a great
Explainer Video

Keep it short.

The recommended duration is 1-2 minutes. That’s short enough to keep their attention, and long enough to deliver the key details.

Make it sweet.

Focus on the essential values and benefits instead of the features with an enticing and specific call to action.

Make it casual.

It’s not a corporate video, so it shouldn’t sound like one. Avoid technical jargon and use a conversational tone.

Additional Details


It can range from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the style, duration, complexity, timeline, and other factors. Discounts can be given if multiple videos are needed. Get in touch.


Usually 4-6 weeks is needed. It also depends on feedbacks, approvals, and revisions. Find out how we make your explainer videos. Express delivery is also available for urgent projects.

What's next?

After watching your explainer video, they will now be deciding which company to go with. Inspire confidence by sharing your company’s story and values with a brand story video.

Ready to achieve your goals?

We help businesses convert more customers and grow their revenue by creating explainer video animations and corporate videos.


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