6 Stunning Explainer Videos You Can’t Miss

June 14, 2018

Explainer videos are used by many companies from various industries, be it technology, F&B, charity organisations or corporate organisations. Every company has its own unique branding, and explainer videos are one of the best ways to portray that branding and also send a message to its audience. While some explainer videos are boring, some are so engaging that you don’t even realise you’ve spent 5 minutes watching words bounce around and morph into shapes. That’s the power of explainer videos.

Here we have 6 explainer videos that are not only beautiful and out-of-the-box creative, they also managed to convey a clear message through its beautiful visuals.


This simple video done for Apple is minimalistic and yet full of creativity. The simple motion graphics helped to make the message clear and easily understandable. Simple kinetic animation like this is rising in popularity because of its clear messaging and simple creativity. Imaginative? Check. Innovative? Check.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

This Hubspot video is an educational video about artificial intelligence. AI is a topic that is very complex and hence, people may find it intimidating. Cleverly using a clear storyline and a good voice-over, information about AI is relayed seamlessly. 

Chipotle: The scarecrow 

This 3D animation for Chipotle’s new mobile game revolved around its anti-factory farming message. Its beautiful visuals, music and emotional storyline have earned this ad many awards. 


How It Works: Internet of Things

This was a video created by the IBM Think Academy to educate audiences about The Internet of Things(IOT). This video managed to explain a complex theory in a manner that is easy to understand, using simple motion graphics to convey the heavy information in a simple manner.


Care to Click 

This animation made for the organisation Care to click uses a girl character to better illustrate the social issues that they want to highlight in the video. Creative motion typography is also used to relay facts and information. A complex social issue is being broken down into a catchy storyline that is easy to follow, and its messaging is strong as well. 


Liveplan animation

This was made to promote liveplan’s services and the animation style was simple and corporate. However, it manages to capture the audience’s attention with its visuals and narration. (Gram specialises in corporate animations like this, check out our explainer video services here)


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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

I am passionate about using videos, animations, and marketing to tell engaging stories and deliver powerful messages to the right audience. I watch videos from other studios and write marketing content in my free time.

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