Case Study: Transforming HR Training with Animation – Uber Singapore

November 16, 2023

Case Study: Transforming HR Training with Animation - Uber Singapore

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The Power of Animation in HR Training

In the fast-paced world of ride-sharing and transportation service, where efficient training is essential for the smoot operation of service, Uber Singapore sought an innovative approach to streamline its HR training efforts. They turned to Gram Videos, an animation studio in Singapore known for its expertise in creating effective and engaging 2D animation training videos. In this case study, we’ll delve into how Gram Videos transformed Uber’s HR training using 2D animation, emphasizing the impact of localization and multilingual support in a diverse Singaporean market.

Challenges Faced by Uber Singapore

As Uber entered the Singaporean market, the company recognized the need for a comprehensive training program to onboard and educate their diverse network of drivers. Uber’s platform relied heavily on their app, making it crucial for drivers to fully understand its functionalities and operation. The challenges Uber Singapore faced were multifaceted:


1. Diverse Linguistic Landscape:

Singapore is a multicultural and multilingual society, with Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil being just a few of the widely spoken languages. Uber needed to cater to drivers who might not be fluent in Mandarin, the primary language of their app.

2. Scalability:

Uber’s driver network was growing rapidly, and the training program needed to scale efficiently without compromising quality.


3. Clarity and Accessibility:

In Singapore’s fast-paced business world, where information overload is common, retaining the viewer’s attention is a challenge. Animation in corporate videos is known for its ability to capture and retain attention. Engaging animations, clever characters, and captivating visuals keep viewers focused, ensuring your message is not lost in the digital noise.


Solution: 2D Animation and Localization

Uber Singapore recognized that traditional training methods, such as manuals or in-person sessions, wouldn’t suffice to meet their needs. They decided to leverage the power of 2D animation and partnered with Gram Videos to create a series of engaging and informative training videos.

The key aspects of the solution included:


1. 2D Animation:

Gram Videos’ team of skilled animators and content creators designed a series of 2D animated training videos. These videos provided step-by-step guidance on how to navigate the Uber app, showcasing its features, payment methods, and operational procedures. The use of animation made the content engaging and easy to comprehend.


2. Localization

To address the linguistic diversity of the Singaporean market, the training videos were localized into multiple languages, including Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. This allowed Uber to reach a wider audience and ensure that language barriers did not hinder the effectiveness of the training program.


The Impact of 2D Animation in HR Training

The introduction of 2D animation had a profound impact on Uber’s HR training in Singapore:


1. Increased Engagement:

The animated format captured the attention of the drivers, making the training more engaging and memorable. The visual elements, combined with storytelling, helped drivers understand and remember the content effectively.


2. Multilingual Accessibility:

With localized versions available in multiple languages, the training became accessible to a broader audience. This was particularly important for drivers who were not proficient in Mandarin, enabling them to learn and operate the Uber app confidently.

3. Scalability:

2D animation allowed for rapid and cost-effective scalability. As Uber’s driver network continued to grow, the training videos could be easily distributed to new drivers, ensuring a consistent and efficient onboarding process.


Measurable Results

The success of Uber Singapore’s 2D animation-based HR training program was evident in various measurable outcomes:


1. Increased Driver Satisfaction:

Drivers who underwent the animated training program reported higher satisfaction with their training experience. They felt more confident using the Uber app and providing transportation services.


2. Reduced Support Requests:

The clarity of the training videos and the availability of localized versions significantly reduced the number of support requests from drivers struggling with app-related issues. This saved Uber both time and resources.


3. Faster Onboarding:

With the self-paced and easy-to-understand training videos, the onboarding process for new drivers became faster and more efficient. Drivers could begin earning sooner, benefiting both Uber and its drivers.


Conclusion: Transforming HR Training with Gram Video

Uber Singapore’s successful case study illustrates the immense potential of 2D animation in HR training, especially when combined with localization and multilingual support. The partnership with Gram Videos not only helped Uber meet its training objectives but also enhanced driver satisfaction, reduced support requests, and accelerated the onboarding process.

If you’re looking to revolutionize your HR training and development efforts, reach out to Gram Videos. Our animation studio in Singapore is ready to craft engaging and effective 2D animated training videos tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s onboarding, compliance training, or any other HR training requirement, we can help you achieve success.


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