4 Ways To Maximize Your Explainer Video ROI

January 5, 2017

Explainer Video ROI

Explainer videos can be utilised strategically as a marketing mix to your business. Even after you have gotten your explainer video, that’s not enough.

Here you will get to know 4 ways to maximize explainer video ROI to ensure your viewers and your business is benefiting from it.

1. Videos are a part of a marketing campaign

Explainer videos are the best way to communicate with your targeted audience by demonstrating what you offer. Explainer videos are an investment and this investment is wasted if no one watches them. In this sense, explainer videos are not a standalone marketing tool.

Therefore it is important to come up with a proper marketing strategy. Simply putting your videos online will not give you a major transformation in your business.

Your strategy should determine where your target audience frequent and put your explainer video there. This could be guest posting on Blogs, placing ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Google, displaying your video at your shop or lift lobbies, and more.

2. Total View Count

Your total view count is the first indicator of how successful your videos are. This figure determines the effectiveness of your video distribution strategy, and also tells you where your videos are being watched at.

You can focus your efforts in the right direction when you know where your viewers are. For example, if you realize more people are watching from Facebook, you can consider focusing your video marketing efforts there.

I recommend this simple trick to get higher views – boost your Facebook video post. When your video has higher video views, it improves credibility, which in turns helps you attract even more viewers to watch your video. You can get exponentially more video views this way.

3. Track YouTube Visitors 

Your animated marketing video should have calls-to-action at several spots. Recently YouTube released a new feature called “End Screens” that allow you to build better viewership.

You can use end screens at the end of a video to:

  • Point viewers to other videos, playlists, or channels on YouTube
  • Call for subscriptions to your channel
  • Promote your website, merchandise, and crowdfunding campaigns

End screens are a part of the video that show during the last 5-20 seconds of a video. You can add up to four elements to promote your content, channel and websites. Elements can expand to show more information on hover on desktop and on tap on mobile devices.

This is important to help you track how many of your website visitors come through your video.

4. Video Analytics

You have to analyse the effectivness of your campaigns, such as knowing the engagement of your viewers. This is done through Video Analytics. For instance, the number of views is an indicator of how engaging your videos are.

Engagement graphs allow you to find out if your video is long or the viewers are dropping out. Demographic data will give you statistics if your video is being played outside the local community and more.

You should use this data analytics to improve your video’s effectiveness. For instance, knowing which section your video is getting a lot of plays or drop-offs tells you their engagement level as well.

You can use this knowledge to design your next video to have optimal engagement, which would lead to higher return on investment (ROI).

You can visit your YouTube Analytics at this link: YouTube Analytics

Take a look at one of our videos that have a YouTube End Screen:

These are 4 ways to maximize your explainer video ROI. Have you started thinking about your own explainer video?

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

I am passionate about using videos, animations, and marketing to tell engaging stories and deliver powerful messages to the right audience. I watch videos from other studios and write marketing content in my free time.

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