Corporate videos

What is a corporate


Typically, corporate videos are not for selling a particular product or service, instead they are an overview of your company. This can include many things such your company’s achievements, milestones and goals.


1. Strategy

Understand your business and
what to include in the video

  1. Script & VO

Conceptualize your script into
sketches for you to visualize

  1. Storyboard

Planning your shots to
best represent your story


4. Lighting

Produce the right lighting
for the right atmosphere

5. Filming

Directing and filming the
actual shoot

6. Sound

Recording ambient or
voiceover sound


7. Music

Set the right tone of the video
with the right music selection

  1. Editing

Sequencing the important
moments to tell your story

  1. Coloring

Giving your video the right
color to enhance appearance

What are the benefits of a corporate video?

Corporate Videos are used to showcase an overview of your company, telling the story of your company’s journey, milestones and vision in a high-level manner.

Your corporate video story is meant to be authentic, engaging, and helps bridge your brand to your audience by appealing to them emotionally. This builds your corporate reputation in a subtle manner without hard-selling.


When and where do I use a Corporate Video?

As Corporate Videos normally include your portfolio, credentials, and vision, they add a lot of credibility to your company. Hence they are more suited to be used in the decision stage. They are most useful when your customer already knows which solution to use, and are deciding on the best solution provider. 

They are often placed on your website’s homepage, company’s TV or even at trade shows to give a high-level overview of your company. 

“Gram did our corporate video and we were so satisfied with it. Keep up the good work guys!

Nigel Lim, CEO of PayBoy

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