Case Study: Doctor Anywhere

Explaining a new online healthcare service.

Once upon a client…

Doctor Anywhere is an e-healthcare company that approached us to make an explainer video about their services. Doctor Anywhere provides efficient video health consultations for both physical and mental health, and they also provide medicine delivery to patients’ homes. 

The main problem:

As Doctor Anywhere was a relatively new platform that was set up a few months prior to this project, there was very low awareness amongst its audience on what it does and how to use it. Hence, they needed a video that could explain their services and benefits clearly while holding the viewers’ attention.

How did we manage to do it?

 We started off with a common situation that viewers face: the process of falling sick. This captivates the viewers’ attention as it is a problem that most of us face. Making the storyline relatable to the viewers is a very important part of storytelling, it can connect to the viewers’ on an emotional level and make the video more memorable.

 We then go on to show the different inconveniences of going to see a physical clinic, engaging more with the viewers by using beautiful visuals to better illustrate the frustrations of queueing and waiting in line at physical clinics. We animated a crowded clinic filled with other sick patients, the long waiting hours and general discomfort that people face in this situation.

 After these scenes, we then introduced the solution to this problem. A service that can help alleviate these inconveniences. We showed the multiple medical care services of Doctor Anywhere and how it can be accessed anywhere and anytime. 

 We then ended the video with a scene of a happy and healthy family, to drive the message of the quality of life that Doctor Anywhere is able to provide for the audience and their family.

The end result was…

 A 1-minute video that our client was very satisfied with, and even used it on their website.

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