How We Create Your Corporate Video

Our 10 Steps Process

1. Discuss

We meet up with you either face to face (or Skype if you’re from overseas), to understand you, what your business goals are and propose how we can assist you.


2. Research

Hours are spent reading up on your company, competitors, and industry, to understand your business better. This knowledge builds the foundation of the script.

3. Script

Great videos begin with great scripts. Our writers will craft a script that delivers a clear and compelling message, engaging your target audience.

4. Moodboard

Once the script is approved, we will present to you various design styles for your video to select. If you already have a sample that you like, we are able to reference it.


5. Storyboard

Our artists then conceptualizes the script into drawings for you. You will be able to visualise how your video will flow and give your suggestions here as well.

6. Voice over

To add life to your video, a professional voice-over artist is engaged. We will send you various voices to listen to, and you can even select other languages and accents.

7. Illustration

Characters are custom designed and hand-made from scratch by our designers, to create beautifully unique illustrations that tells your story and aligns with your branding.

8. Animation

The most integral part of crafting your video. Our animators put magic into the illustrations that we designed earlier and make it truly come to life.


9. Sound

For the finishing touches, our sound engineer will find suitable background music and sound effects to give your animation the extra pop and make it look premium.

10. Marketing

After investing so much money and time, it would be a complete waste not to advertise your video. Therefore the logical next step is to channel your video to your intended audience and convert them to achieve high ROI through digital marketing.

This is where we create a digital marketing campaign for you, using the channel that can best achieve your ROI, be it SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or YouTube.

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