Case Study: Payboy

A seemless and intuitive online HR experience

Once upon a client…

Payboy, a HR and payroll software company approached us to create a video that would efficiently showcase the features of their services but also encapsulate the personality of their brand for them to be more memorable.


The main problem:

They had difficulty standing out from other HR software company and wanted to differentiate their branding to appeal more to SMEs. They were also deciding between using animation and using a corporate video.

As HR payroll is a well-understood industry, we did not want to emphasize on the features too much, and instead, we decided to focus more on the branding and story. Hence we came up with a comedic theme using interesting transitions to tell the story, in a humorous manner in line with their branding and mascot. This concept would be best shown in a live video format.


However, we ran into a few obstacles….

The client did not have the budget to hire fully trained talents to be on set. We used numerous extras from our pool of friends and network.

The scenes also required more than one venue, close to a total of 10 different venues, and all shots needed to be done within a day due to conflicting schedules.

We also had to squeeze all the information into a video that was 2 minutes long.


How did we manage to do it?

We started off by fully understanding the HR and payroll industry in Singapore, as well as to find out exactly what makes Payboy unique. Our team studied the elements of the Dollar Shave Club video to ensure that we hit all the right notes without over-emulating the original. We also managed to call in a favour to use the famous and mesmerizing Huone Hotel for this shoot which had more than 7 uniquely different and creative themed rooms for us to film in.

After our discussion with Payboy, we discovered that there were a few things that their customers were saying that made them stand out from other solutions in the local market. Namely its beautiful UI – Payboy had a superior user interface that made handling payroll easy and intuitive for even beginner HR practitioners. Payboy also had a seamless, fast, and smooth onboarding experience for new employees that joined the company. They are also highly receptive to customer feedback and continuously adapts to improve their software.

The script was crafted in such a way that the tone is specific and clear. We wanted the tone to sound candid and yet also professional enough to explain their unique selling point in short sentences. We also simplified the terminologies used such as replacing words like “Recruitment” and “Lapses” with words like “Hiring” and “Issues” so it’s more easily understood and approachable to their target audience.


The end result was a…

The 2-minute video that successfully summarized Payboy’s technical production workflow and capabilities in a simple and engaging manner. They went on to use this video to acquire more partnerships as well as increased sales.


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