VISA x EzyProcure

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Visa, EzyProcure

Promote new partnership and product

Generated additional sales

Target Audience:
F&B industry

Customer Phase:
Awareness stage

2 Explainer Videos
Marketing Brochure

<2mins each

2D Animation

– Face to face sales
– Website
– YouTube
– Social Media
– Conventions
– Email Marketing

Once Upon a Client

Visa is the leading global payment services company, facilitating electronic fund transfer throughout the world. They approached us through a recommendation from our past collaboration with UOB. Visa was looking for an Explainer Video to promote their partnership with EzyProcure, an all-in-one procure to pay and order to cash system.

The Goal

Although there were 2 clients involved, Visa and EzyProcure, their goals were aligned. Visa’s goal was to get more customers to pay through the EzyProcure app while using Visa’s payment gateway to generate revenue for each transaction. EzyProcure’s goal was to get more customers to use their app which users pay a subscription for. 

The Motivation

EzyProcure had a great solution but they were lacking promotional materials to market and explain their product. After discussing with them, we diagnosed that due to their complex system, the sales and customer education process were lengthy and confusing. They needed a video to enhance the overall customer sales journey.

The Solution

After understanding their sales process, target audience and marketing channels, we recommended an Explainer Video. It was best suited for customers in the awareness stage, who were their primary target. 

The Results

The Explainer Video is now part of their core sales kit. Each salesmen is now equipped with this explainer video that they can send to prospects to speed up the sales cycle. EzyProcure have also displayed the video on the front page of their website, helping them to increase website conversion rate. 

“It has been a pleasant experience engaging Gram to produce our corporate explainer video. They were patient and provided excellent recommendations and customer service till the project is completed. We loved the video and would recommend Gram to anyone looking to do videos and animations.”
Anuj Jain

Chief Marketing Advisor, EzyProcure - a product of SGeBiz

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