Case Study: Trigen Automotive

Launching of a new brand

Once upon a client…

Trigen Automotive, a manufacturer of special function vehicles, approached us to create an introductory video. Trigen Automotive is a new brand created by HOPE Technik Pte Ltd – an engineering company that holds a diverse portfolio of various businesses. Hence, the client was looking for a video that could be distinctive on its own without associating to its parent company.


The main problem:

We were directed to avoid filming the client’s vehicles that were in the warehouse due to an existing confidentiality agreement. However, these specialised vehicles made up to 80% of the total vehicles. Due to the specialized niche that the business is in, the introduction video had to include technical information that we had no access to prior to our first consultation.


However, we ran into a few obstacles….

The deadline was not only extremely tight (less than 3 weeks to deliver the full video), we were also not allowed to film their actual product. Our usual timeline for a corporate video takes about 4-6 weeks of planning and executing, including post-production. Hence, it was a very tight deadline that we had to work under.


How did we manage to do it?

As this project had a tight deadline, we needed to quickly find a proper style to begin filming with. To get things in motion quickly, we put together three concepts for the Trigen team to choose from. Internally, we came up with strategies to execute each and every one of these concepts proposed within the timeframe.

Through a line of standard questioning, we had to infer the business’s unique selling point – apparently, they weren’t the only provider of specialized vehicles in Singapore – there were many other competitors and we have to make sure our client stands out from the rest.

We discovered that certain features of the business, such as having access to a 3D-Scanner, would be a good indication of credibility to their prospective clients. Thus, this feature was included in the video. During the visitation of the filming site, we composed a mood board of several potential angles to prepare for the scheduled shoot.


The end result was a…

The output was a 3-minute video that accurately summarized their technical production workflow and capabilities in a simple manner. The output has been slated to be used in all partnership and sales meetings moving forward.

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