Case Study: UOB EzyProcure

Explaining the the essential E-procurement platform

Once upon a client…

EzyProcure is an e-Procurement platform that simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers. The automation of Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order generation increases accuracy and traceability between buyer and seller exchange.

The main objective:

EzyProcure approached us to produce 2 videos for them, 1 fully animated explainer video and 1 live action testimonial video. The goal of the animated explainer video was to summarise EzyProcure’s benefits and uses while the Live action testimonial video’s goal was to show how Ezyprocure helped The Soup Spoon in terms of efficiency and convenience

How did we manage to do it?

Production of both videos were relatively smooth. however, we had certain constrains that UOB wanted. One interesting one would be UOB’s strictness on the colour scheme, red, blue and white. We had to keep this in mind when we were creating the visuals for the videos.


This applied to the testimonial video as well, all the motion graphics that we added also had to comply with the colour constraints.

 The end result was…

After a couple of revisions and minor changes, we ended up with 2 videos that we are really proud of.

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