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We help you to make a strong first impression to your potential customers.

What are the benefits of a website?

Due to the power of internet in our time, it would be unwise not to have a website. At Gram, we believe that a website is the face of a company, and that first impressions matter. Having a website would help spread your brand and potential consumers would be able to find your company with a single click.

What makes a great Website?

 Proper Functionality
 Well Defined User Experience
Proper Placement of Information
 Interactive Visuals

What is Gram’s process for a website?

We start off with proposing our own website design, followed by discussing with you to get a common idea of what the website is going to be like. At the discussion stage, we encourage you to send us samples of the ideal website, so that we can better grasp the style that you are looking for. Throughout the entire process, you would be constantly updated on the progress and the pages, ensuring that have creative control over your website at all times.

How much will a lack of engagement cost you?

Win your audience over with videos today.

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Gram has helped businesses win their audience over with explainer video animations and corporate videos since 2014.


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