4 Video Marketing Trends For 2021 That Will Wow Your Viewers

January 19, 2021

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A picture speaks a thousand words, and videos can tell so much more! Videos engage both the visual and auditory senses, giving brands the opportunity to convey their messages more efficiently as compared to other solely visual content.

We’ve seen video marketing trends evolve over the years, from 30-second viral videos and advertisements to live videos and vlogs. With trends that come and go, how can you keep track of the most relevant ones today and incorporate them into your campaigns? To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of 4 video marketing trends for 2021 you shouldn’t overlook!

1. 360-Degree experiences

If you’re keen on showcasing your services or products, consider opting for something more immersive, like 360-degree videos. As one of the video content trends that has revolutionised the viewing experience for consumers, 360-degree videos gives advertisers a fresh way to present a service or product, making it more exciting than other video types.

This is backed up by the fact that 360-degrees videos have an additional 46% video completion rate when placed beside regular videos. You can use this technology to give consumers virtual demonstrations or live tours of a store or office space.

2. Live videos

Social media has definitely drastically changed the business landscape, bridging the gap between consumers and brands by providing them with a platform for more personal interaction. However, as social media algorithms now prioritise content from individuals over brands, live videos will be of great help.

Many social media platforms highlight live videos while they are taking place, allowing users to join the event while it’s taking place. Live videos rack up viewing times three times longer than pre-recorded videos, and sees six times more interactions, as consumers appreciate a more authentic experience. If you’re thinking of shooting some vlogs or live Q&A videos, now’s the time to take advantage of this trend!

3. Interactive videos

Consumers have even higher expectations than before and gravitate towards brands which provide them with tech-forward and unique shopping experiences. With the help of virtual and augmented reality technologies, producing interactive videos are much easier and can benefit your brand significantly.

Interactive videos are more engaging than regular videos due to the novelty and opportunity for engagement, so take things up a notch by giving your consumers an unforgettable experience. By leveraging VR and AR, you also bolster your brand as tech-forward, which is something vital to modern consumers.

4. Vlogs

Perhaps one of the most trendy forms of video content among internet users, video blogs are utilised to share expertise, document day-to-day life, showcase talents, or simply to express oneself. However, celebrities, influencers and brands have recently tapped on this to interact with their fan bases.

The unfiltered and raw feel that vlogs have allow brands to connect with their target audience on a more intimate level, creating an authentic and approachable image – particularly crucial today, since some consumers shun explicit advertising and over-the-top styles of marketing.


The future of video marketing is only bound to become more enticing and immersive as brands touch on more advanced technologies. Therefore, video marketing videos are way more effective in getting customers hooked on what your brand can offer and in turn, generate more engaging leads.

For professional video production and marketing services that keeps up with the trends, you can definitely turn to Gram. As a 3D animation studio in Singapore, we’re the ones you can rely on if you’re interested in animated videos for your brand for an enhanced experience!

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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