5 Benefits Of Holiday Corporate Videos For Your Business

November 4, 2020

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While many companies view the holidays as a sign to take a break, others view it as an opportunity to market their brand and business. During the holidays, commercial video productions in Singapore ramp up. This is because companies use this opportunity to take advantage of the holidays and put up a holiday corporate video.

A waste of time and money, or a worthwhile investment? If you are not sure what a holiday corporate video can do for your brand, you need to read on to find out!

1. It is selling without an attempt to sell

Advertising is important, but consumers don’t always want to watch advertisements. As a business, you don’t have to limit your marketing efforts to blatant advertisements. Videos that just showcase your brand story and the people behind the brand can also speak to your audience from a non-selling point of view.

Creating a holiday corporate video is an excellent way to do just that! This makes customers feel more connected to the brand, and builds up positive impressions while reminding them of your brand.

2. An excuse to get into your customer’s lives

There are a few key things that many companies fail to realise. For instance, too much video marketing can be seen as intrusive and annoying. However, when it is done right, constant video marketing can help to improve and increase your brand awareness.

One way to do this is to invest in holiday corporate videos. As it is in line with the specific holidays, people are generally more accepting of videos during these times, and will not mind seeing what you have to offer, especially if it is a compelling video that is comedic or heart-warming.

3. Great way to dive into video marketing

Holiday corporate videos can be a good way to dive into video marketing. If your company hasn’t had the chance to get into video marketing yet, the holidays can be that great excuse to launch your first video!

Video marketing offers an excellent return on investment, improved engagement with your customers, and it can also significantly improve your brand awareness. Just be sure that you have a concrete plan to persist with the video marketing even after the festive season!

4. Boosts public relations and perception

Businesses are built on the backs of the people working there. By showing your customers the people behind the business, it makes your brand feel more ‘real’ and relatable to your audience.

A holiday corporate video can also help to improve your brand’s public image. At the same time, because these videos have the opportunity to go viral, there’s also a huge potential to improve public relations and brand awareness as well.

5. Improve morale among employees

Customers aren’t the only ones who want to feel like they are part of something. Employees want to feel like they a part of the company’s success too. One excellent way to do this is to make them feel included by creating a holiday corporate video.

You can include employees in holiday greetings videos, and even interview them on their experiences and their time at the company. You can also have them play huge roles during the production of the video. Doing all of these can help to improve employee morale and make for an excellent team-bonding exercise. 


The idea of holiday corporate videos is simple: it is to get into the spirit of the holidays which revolves around giving. Instead of showcasing all of your products and services, you should shine a spotlight on the people behind your business’s success. This can be about your customers or employees, or about significant events that have transpired over the year.

The most crucial thing about holiday corporate videos is to make it less about your company while indirectly improving brand awareness at the same time.

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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