5 Corporate Marketing Benefits of Animation Videos

March 22, 2018

Animation videos are one of the most useful business tools in the marketing world. Here’s why.

The average person’s attention span has dwindled from 12 seconds to 8 seconds over the years. Goldfish now have a longer attention span than us, the study found.

In this digital age where words are replaced by emojis and social updates are limited to 280 characters, it gets harder to pay attention when we have the ability to consume media at the speed of light. Popular video sharing platform Vine has leveraged on this trend and built its empire around its 6 second long videos. As we become more immersed in the fast-evolving digital world, it becomes increasingly challenging for marketers to convey their message without being perceived as noise by the audience. This is why choosing the right format and content is crucial. With our deceased attention span, it is no surprise that video marketing is the new darling amongst marketers. Attention-grabbing and visually rich, videos are more appealing to the audience.

In recent years, animated videos are becoming more sought after, with the increase in demand for corporate videos and explainer videos to relay complex messages. Here we have 5 perks of animation marketing that will give you more than a reason to use it in your next marketing strategy.


Animation video is an engaging instrument that can help you tell your story more comprehensively.

As discussed above, our shortened attention span means that people will only spend this much time on a video. Animation videos have the capacity to include interesting characters and narratives, making it more engaging compared to other forms of media. It evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers, enticing them to follow the story. It is a form of storytelling that interacts with the audience while conveying the message.These days, people are often exposed to all the white noise that ads create. Animation cuts through the noise by providing fresh new perspectives with its smooth form of storytelling and visualization. An example would be the explainer video for Interac’s new flash card.

Animations are professional yet easy to understand

You might associate animation with childishness and naivety, as cartoons are more commonly associated with toddlers. However, animation can be professional and corporate as well. Businesses can use animation to communicate their key messages in a clear and engaging way, breaking down complex information into bite-sized portions that are easy for the audience to digest. Visual information is also processed 60,000x faster than text, so coupled with a great creative concept and motion graphics, animation can bring any concept to life.Take a look at this video for GoogleNow.

By using animation and a good voiceover to illustrate the features of the application, it creates an interesting storyline for the audience that is easily comprehensible and yet retains its corporate image. This is one form of explainer video animation that allows room for creative storytelling without straying from its purpose.

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Animation videos are more psychologically appealing

You would most likely remember this part of your childhood: Sitting down on the couch, clutching your favourite bowl of cereal and excitedly waiting for your favourite cartoons to start. Animation brings back memories of our childhood cartoons. It has the ability to make us feel nostalgic and helps us to form an emotional connection with the content more easily. Animated videos have the ability to connect with us in a way that other forms of media might not be able to, reaching out to the inner child in all of us. It has the potential to bring back fond memories, making the video and the key takeaways more memorable to the audience.

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Animation videos are more cost-effective

Yes, videos are very engaging and effective, but why choose animated ones? One benefit of animation videos is that it has a lower production cost as compared to other forms of video.41% of marketers cite a lack of budget as one of the top 3 reasons on why they think twice before using video.” With animated videos, the cost of production is lower as there are no actors and props involved. Hence, animation video is an easier way to have a good return on your investment without busting your budget. When it is used in the right place and the right time, animated videos can be a very effective tool that is also value for money compared to other forms of media.

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Animation videos are flexible and easy to modify

One of the biggest advantages of animation videos is the flexibility of video revisions. Unlike live action videos, where it gets challenging to re-shoot certain scenes or edit parts of the video without taking into account a large number of factors, animated videos are easier to modify. For animated videos, there is more room for several rounds of revision and it definitely saves the trouble of going through the whole process of filming live action videos. You can go back and change the text, edit some parts of the animation or even do a complete revamp of your entire video, depending on the proximity of the deadlines. The process of creating an animated video allows for modifications ranging from major to minor, as there is not much production crew involved in the animation process. It is a creative video form that is easier to work with and has a higher potential for meeting your business needs.

Video animation is unique. It is compelling and dynamic. It has the potential to become a powerful tool for your business. Consulting with an expert is always advisable if you need advice on tough decisions. Animation video production can be intricate, so it is important to plan beforehand. Who knows, maybe your next animated video will become your big break.

Just remember, animation is limitless.

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

I am passionate about using videos, animations, and marketing to tell engaging stories and deliver powerful messages to the right audience. I watch videos from other studios and write marketing content in my free time.

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