The Amazing Benefits of 2D Motion Graphics Animation

October 17, 2018

It is a well-known and recognised fact amongst content creators that videos are the top contender for the number one marketing tool these days. Videos make use of many different elements, such as moving frames, motion graphics, and audio to bring across a story to the viewers.

There are many different types of videos that are adopted to disseminate messages to viewers. Companies usually make use of corporate and testimonial videos, which helps to identify and strengthen the branding of their company.

And then there are fully animated videos, helping to disseminate messages in a lighthearted tone, thus making it easier for viewers to digest. Animation videos mainly make use of motion graphics and animation, to bring illustrated characters and objects to life.

Motion graphics can be included in any kind of videos, from animation videos to corporate videos and even testimonial videos. They are able to help viewers visualise statistics that are difficult to explain in words, or data that would be unable to be digested by viewers if it was shown via images. Motion graphics can boost the impact of videos exponentially.

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Here are the amazing benefits of motion graphics that makes it a widely used style by marketers and content creators all over the world.

Visual Aid

Motion graphics helps viewers to visualise information in your videos. It is extremely helpful to have motion graphics in your videos, especially if the contents of your videos include statistics, hard facts, data and numbers. Most viewers might stop watching if the information in the video is too difficult to digest, or if the information is presented in a plain and flat way, unable to hold their attention for long.

Motion graphics can display information in the form of animated typography, animated charts, bars and just about anything else to bring your videos to life. If done right, viewers will subconsciously finish the video and retain its messages, even if the original content of the video was dry to begin with.

Furthermore, motion graphics are not limited to animation videos only. They can also be incorporated in live videos, such as customer and corporate testimonial videos. Weaving in motion graphics with a human factor in your videos provides something unusual and eye-opening for viewers to watch.

Here’s an example of a video Gram did to demonstrate how hard facts, numbers and data can be turned into an interesting way for viewers to watch with the use of motion graphics.


Saving Time

As motion graphics helps viewers to visualise information, it also cuts down the amount of time taken to disseminate messages to viewers. By using animated graphics and typography to represent information, viewers are therefore more susceptible to the messages of the video.

For example, it might take some time to explain a process verbally in a video. However, with the use of motion graphics, the amount of time taken for the viewer to understand the process could be cut into half.

Here’s an example of a video Gram did to help viewers visualise their services.


Retaining Messages in Viewers

Viewers retain 95% of the information when they watch a video. If the video is done properly to catch the attention of its viewers, the rate of retaining information from the video will be high.

When the human mind captures something unusual such as moving frames of graphics, typography, or animation, it brings things into sharper focus. This results in a higher rate of retaining information in viewers for videos that makes use of motion graphics to disseminate information.

If the aim of your video is to simply tell a story to your viewers, or make clear the branding of your company, you can make use of a human factor to do so. Customer and corporate testimonial videos are ideal for such situations. However, if you want to disseminate and retain information in viewers, the use of motion graphics is strongly encouraged and advised to maximise the efficiency and potential of your videos.

This is an informational video Gram did for the People’s Association to educate people on Dengue Prevention. With the use of motion graphics, this animation video clearly demonstrates the steps that viewers should take to counter dengue fever.


Impressive Representation of Information

Sometimes, the amount of data that you might want to include in a video might be massive, and this might result in a lengthier video. As a content creator, too much is not ideal, as it does not necessarily translate to better results. Sometimes, the shorter the length of the video, the more impact the the video has, and the higher the rate of retaining information.

Motion graphics can help you represent and compile a huge amount of information into a single frame. As the crossroad between graphic design and animation, the amount of information represented on a single frame in a video can be massive. It all boils down to the purpose of the video ­– are you looking to tell a story, or disseminate information clearly to the viewers?

Here’s an example of how Gram used motion graphics to create a video for the introduction of V-OS, a software for mobile apps.


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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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