How Educational Videos Help Boost Your Brand

January 2, 2019

Educational videos are increasingly becoming a favourite video strategy widely used amongst marketers to help boost a company’s brand. As technology and digital marketing evolves, it has now become a trend to include videos in marketing strategies over the years. Around 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of marketing content with the best return on investments (ROI)[1].

With videos as a crucial marketing strategy tool, there are many types of videos that marketers make use of to implement in a marketing strategy. Ranging from customer testimonial videos to animation videos, there are a huge variety of videos that marketers are able to choose from to convey information to their consumers and target audience.

Out of the various types of videos available, educational videos are becoming a favourite amongst marketers and companies aiming to boost their branding. Educational videos are animated videos, making use of an engaging story line and catchy languages to convey important information to viewers.

Here are Gram’s tips on how educational videos can help boost your brand.


1. Have an Engaging Storyline

In order for your educational videos to help retain information in viewers, both the script and story line of the educational video has to be engaging in order for your video to make an impression on the viewers.

Having a good story line in your educational video will enable you to bring across your message easily to your target audience. Viewers will be able to retain and recall information easily when they receive it from the stories featured in your educational videos.

Do not underestimate the power of having a good story line in your educational video, as it can help you tell a powerful brand story to viewers, thus boosting your company’s branding.

Some tips to achieve a good story line in your videos would be having a clear flow and structure in your script, as well as using language that is universally understood by many. If your video is targeted towards the general target audience, make sure that you limit the use of technological jargon. Are you addressing the issue first, followed by the solution that you are offering? Or are you introducing your service first, before addressing the issue that your service will be able to help with?

Taking note of these small details in your script will help you to achieve a clear structure and a story line in your educational video. This will definitely engage your viewers and leave an impression on them, thus boosting your company’s branding through your educational video.

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Gram did a video for NTUC to showcase the Progressive Wage Model. This video makes use of a storyline to capture the emotions of viewers.


2. Use Catchy Language

Having a script packed with information for your educational video is not enough. At times, your viewers might be overwhelmed with information, resulting in a low chance of them retaining any information at all.

Therefore, it is important to make your script interesting and engaging by using catchy language and conversational tones to appeal to your viewers.

Always use a conversational tone in your scripts to maximise the engagement between your educational videos and viewers. The more connected your viewers feel towards your script and educational video, the higher the chance of retaining information. This is also a good way to build a relationship between your consumers and your brand, thus aiding in boosting your brand.


3. Improved Comprehension

Everyone has a different method when it comes to absorbing and understanding information. Likewise, not everyone might be able to process the information that you want to convey to your consumers.

Some things are easier to understand if we demonstrate them, instead of explaining the information in words. Therefore, educational videos are a favourite choice to use amongst marketers as they can both convey information and aid viewers to understand information better. Educational videos aid in conveying information and messages clearly through the form of visuals, such as bar charts, motion graphics, and video. The combination of audio and video also helps viewers to process your messages and information quickly.

Furthermore, your viewers can always refer back to your educational videos, should they forget any important tips. When viewers can go at their own pace, it helps to improve comprehension and increases retention of information.

Gram created a video for Ecodo which made use of visuals and cartoon icons to aid in viewers’ understanding of the available benefits.


4. High Retention of Information

At times, your viewers might be overwhelmed with information, resulting in a low retention rate. Your viewers could always refer back to your educational videos to catch up on information and key points that they might have missed out previously.

Giving your viewers the ability to go back to your educational videos and refresh their memory will allow your viewers to remember the information that you want to convey through your educational video. This also serves as good customer service for your target audience, and boost your branding at the same time.


The Use of Educational Videos

Educational videos can be useful in many ways when it comes to boosting your branding. Common examples include promoting campaigns, educating your viewers, addressing a social issue or a problem that needs to be solved, and even aiding in students’ understanding of school subjects.

Since educational videos make use of appealing visuals accompanied by a voice over narration to convey information to viewers, it has now become a powerful tool used by marketers to imprint messages in the minds of consumers.

By considering factors such as how to maximise engagement between your educational videos and viewers, you are enhancing the effective use of videos as an educational tool that could greatly boost your branding.

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