Gram Celebrates International Women’s Day!


March 17, 2020

International Women’s Day

The day we celebrate to help eliminate discrimination against women also the day we help women gain full and equal participation in global development.


March 8, 2020

Gram’s International Women’s Day theme of 2020


“Celebrating all of

women’s achievement”

By Education and Empowerment

Education: By an infographic of Singapore’s prominent women throughout our history

Empowerment: By recognizing women’s achievements and celebrating the women in our history who pushed boundaries at a time when social norms set limits on what they can do, and sharing this with current generations.

Prominent Women in Singapore’s History


Tang Pui Wah

Hurdler and Singapore’s first female Olympian

First Singaporean Female Athlete to compete in the 1952 Summer Olympic Games

Elizabeth Choy

War heroine, politician and teacher

1910 – 2006

Wartime HeroĀ 

Supplied medicine, money and messages to prisoners of war in Changi Prison along with her husband

First Female in Singapore’s Legislative Council

Renowned Educator

Mary Quintal

First Female Assistant Superintendent of Police

First Female Police Inspector

One of the first females in Civil Service to receive the same pay as their male colleagues

Leaena Tambyah

Pioneering social worker and advocate for special needs children

Committed social worker who devoted a large part of her life to helping others, especially youngsters with special needs

Started Singaporeā€™s first school for children with multiple disabilities in 1979

Che Zahara

Pioneering champion of the rights of women and children

1907 – 1962

One of the first Malay women in Singapore to fight for modern women’s rights

founded the Malay Women’s Welfare Association (MWWA) in 1947, providing tremendous support to hundreds of children and women

Visual DesignĀ 


Montserrat – Medium

Background Colors – each woman has a unique color to represent them






Complementary Colors




The font style used matches the representation ofĀ womenĀ using flora and fauna in our illustrations, and a much simpler text for ease of reading the descriptions.
The colors used in our illustrations represent growth(green), peace(blue), individualism(purple), nurturing(pink) andĀ optimism(yellow).

Studies and Pegs

Composition – simplistic layout of image on the left with small descriptive text on the left.
Style – Abstract yet strong visual design, and simple text that is easy to read.
Our character style reference gives life to the illustration through the digital painting style along with the women’s iconic look.
Running man –Ā representing athletes andĀ used in the illustration as the silhouette of a running woman behind Tang Pui.
Flora and fauna – representing women through flower symbolism which was originallyĀ inspired by women.

Above are a few sketches of the Singaporean women using the visual design elements.

Rendered Illustrations

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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