Top Crypto Explainer Videos

July 7, 2021

Crypto is one of the most revolutionary and innovative breakthroughs of our time, and with such innovation, comes complexity and confusion. Fortunately, explainer videos do an amazing job in simplifying and clarifying how these crypto solutions work. 


We have scoured the internet to find you the best crypto explainer videos we found, with the focus on being both aesthetically pleasing, and providing clarity on the project. Hope your eyes enjoy this delightful experience! 


1. Dai

Dai is a decentralized, unbiased stable coin that is simple to use, and can be used by anyone without permission. The overarching theme of the video is simple but elegant. Its modern, simplistic and sleek style coupled with captivating graphics and bright fun colors, makes the video engaging to watch from start to end. Delivering information in bite-sized key words, the video is short and sweet. It’s a perfect introductory explainer video for a simple concept. 

2. Theta Network

Theta Network is a next generation decentralized video delivery network powered by users. With a simple 2D animation style and exciting music, this informative video has gained over 105k views on Youtube. It runs through the value that Theta provides, how it works, and the project’s milestones and success, using animated characters and simple texts that make the story easy to understand. 


3. Dedoco

Dedoco is a decentralized Digital Signing and Document solution that allows for peer to peer signing, encryption and sharing of documents. This video explains step by step how to use Dedoco in a simple and understandable fashion with clear and engaging graphics, so anyone is ready to use the product after watching the video. The fun animation style really brings the video to life and makes this explainer video interesting even when visiting complex concepts.


4. Remme

Remme is an open-sourced public key infrastructure that secures online communication and manages digital keys. Remme’s video uses interesting animated characters and a relatable storyline to immediately capture the audience’s attention. Using strong emotional appeal, it pulls the audience in and keeps them engaged to find out the solution to the universal problem of forgetting passwords. 


5. Celsius

Celsius is a banking and financial protocol that allows users to earn high yields on crypto and borrow funds at low rates. Resembling a cartoon television show, this adorable and engaging story depicted by a bear’s struggle with banks interest rates and borrowing from banks, strongly appeals to the audience’s emotions. The bear is personable and relatable, representing the ordinary folks who are the underdogs, bullied by the rich and wealthy. After introducing the problem clearly, the Celsius network then brings in the solution and explains how it can help ordinary individuals like the bear, gain financial freedom and new banking possibilities. It’s no wonder that this video gained 260K views on Youtube with its engaging story arc, personable characters and simplified explanations.

6. Carter

Carter token is a digital form of ownership of a security deposit invested in security assets backed by secured loans, and contracts that are digitized. The video paints the narrative of the dark side of traditional finance and the bright possibilities that Carter token enables. Using a dynamic and fluid 3D animation style, the video’s graphics are clean and captivating.


To sum:

Explainer videos are becoming an essential for any crypto project to showcase its value in a simple and engaging manner. Here are the top videos that we have compiled, each of a different nature, tone and branding. Identify which caters most to the needs of your unique project and use that as a good starting point for your own video.

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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