10 Marketing Goals Video Help You Achieve

January 8, 2023

10 Marketing Goals Video Help To Accomplish

From clarifying products to facilitating customer acquisition, videos can help you achieve a variety of marketing goals. Businesses and marketers utilize videos across multiple channels in a variety of ways. With video, the possibilities are endless!

We recently surveyed a sample of our clients to determine why and how they use video, as well as what problems video is used to solve.

The majority of their remarks were relevant to business expansion and marketing facilitation. Here are the marketing objectives that comprise the majority of their video strategy:

  • Increasing brand recognition
  • Educating their customers by demonstrating their products in action
  • The process of entering a new market
  • Providing social evidence
  • highlighting product application
  • Remarketing ads
  • Defining themselves through compelling narratives
  • Creating a sales engine
  • Content creation throughout their marketing funnel

In this article, we will discuss the ten objectives of video marketing and why they are crucial for any business seeking growth. It will assist you in understanding what you, too, are capable of accomplishing with video and how to develop an effective strategy for expanding your business using this content medium.

Goal 1: Promoting Brand Awareness

“I must increase brand awareness of our company and product among our target market.”

Brand recognition is one of the primary reasons why companies create video content. According to the results of our video marketing surveys, brand recognition and visibility are the third most common challenges that businesses attempt to solve with video marketing.

Video marketing allows them to reach a larger audience and receive more social media views. This is possible due to the ability of video content to attract viewers and clearly convey messages with increased retention rates.

It is also due to the increasing popularity of video across social media and all channels. In 2022, statistics indicate that 88% of people want to see more brand videos.

Video consistently ranks higher than other content in online search results for another reason. 62% of Google searches include a video, per Inc. This means that by adding videos to your website, you increase the exposure of your brand.

As a result, your website will become more visible, which will increase brand awareness and engagement. Here is an example of a design we created for Samaritans of Singapore

Goal 2: Demonstrating How Their Product Works

“I wish to demonstrate to the user how my product functions and how its features solve their problem.”

Video is an excellent way to create a product experience and demonstrate that your product lives up to all of its marketing claims. It enables you to demonstrate to your audience how your product simplifies their lives by resolving their problems.

Customers are able to visualize the various use cases, benefits, and lifestyle they can achieve by adopting your product, which facilitates customer acquisition. It’s the closest thing to a real-life experience with the product, and it adds credibility and trust to the brand and the product.

This is the Goal that the majority of our clients seek to achieve, and it can be easily attained by displaying your product in use. According to our report on the State of Video Marketing, thirty percent of marketers cite customer acquisition as the primary issue they seek to address by producing videos.

For these purposes, marketers create product-specific videos, such as overviews, demonstrations, how-tos, explainer videos, etc.

Here is an example of a SAAS product video we produced for Dedoco, a secure signing digital platform.

The video is captivating; it provides an excellent summary of what the tool does and how it solves the user’s issues.

Goal 3: Customer Education

“I would like to be a thought leader in my field and educate our users first.”

Video is more noticeable and engaging than any other type of content, and it does an excellent job of illustrating ideas. It makes it simpler for brands and marketers to simplify even the most complex software or product concepts into concise, relatable, and easily digestible content.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people are embracing educational videos. In our 2022 report on the State of Video Marketing, we asked respondents what problems video marketing solves for them. Twenty-four percent of respondents cited product experience and knowledge.

Additionally, businesses that can reach their target audience first and educate them are always victorious. When a product satisfies a person’s requirements, they typically do not look elsewhere.

Immediately, brands that educate audiences and provide them with knowledge materials become their safe havens. The immediate effect is that viewers are easily persuaded to adopt the service or product of the brand. 

The majority of educational videos include formats such as walkthroughs, tutorials, demonstrations, and others. These primarily demonstrate how to accomplish a specific task with a product.

Here is an example of a mixed-media video we created for NTUC Income to introduce the features of their employee application.

Goal 4: To Enter a New Market

“I wish to introduce an existing product to a new market.”

Entering a new market is always difficult for businesses, particularly when they are in their infancy or small. However, using videos makes this easier.

For a brand to succeed in a new market, it requires a compelling story and content that pushes the envelope. In a sea of competing businesses, it is essential to have a brand that the target audience can easily understand and recognize.

When it comes to all of these factors, video campaigns are unrivalled. An outstanding video campaign can assist you in introducing yourself to new markets and achieving a stable market position.

For instance, you can create a video marketing campaign that combines brand videos with videos of all types of products.

Brand videos will allow you to quickly communicate who you are, who you’re targeting, why you’re targeting them, why they should trust you, etc.

Goal 5: Establishing Social Proof

“I need a video featuring our customers as social proof that my product is effective.”

The testimonials, reviews, and case study videos that feature your satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences with your brand are powerful materials for proving the efficacy of your product and connecting with new customers.

People hear the efficiency narrative (about your product) from individuals who are not affiliated with your brand. They are able to see how your product has helped others with similar pain points and requirements. That’s a compelling argument for your product and brand.

Here is an example of social proof provided by a testimonial video.

Goal 6: Highlighting Product Use Cases

“I want to demonstrate that I comprehend my user by demonstrating a use case for their situation.”

This is especially important if you sell a SaaS product with multiple components and a large number of features. Even when they require it, it can be difficult for your customers to comprehend how to use your product to solve their problems or accomplish their most important Goals.

Providing examples of your product in use could be beneficial. But understanding the diverse needs of your target audience and creating videos to illustrate specific use cases is even more beneficial. It is a direct testimonial of their experience with your product, and it demonstrates that you comprehend them and their particular Goals. 

Goal 7: Remarketing Ads

“I must re-engage audiences that have not yet converted or engaged properly.”

Video is also an effective tool for our clients to retarget their visitors. They create customized video commercials and advertisements to display to previous website visitors based on the products or services those visitors viewed.

This enables them to re-engage their customers across multiple channels with video advertisements, capture their potential customers’ attention, and persuade them that your product is advantageous.

This also provides them with a superior alternative to two sentences, as they can connect with customers more directly by explaining and demonstrating their product or service in a 30-second clip. Here is a 3D animation created for Stashaway to re-engage the audience. 

Goal 8: Defining Themselves Through Narratives

“We need a strong sense of identity to define ourselves.”

You can connect with your target audience and humanize your brand by sharing your story. Doing so will enable viewers to see your company through different lenses outside of those of marketing and sales. It will allow them to connect personally with your company. It allows them to recognize you for who you are, your mission, and your values.

Here is a branding video we delivered for ADM through the use of character design and animation.

The results of such videos or video marketing campaigns may not be instantaneous because they do not actively promote sales. But these can be potent marketing assets that help you attract more people to your company (both customers and talent), cultivate long-term customer loyalty, and increase your NPS score and customer lifetime value, among other things.

Goal 9: Developing a Sales Engine

According to our clients, one of the primary reasons why people use video marketing is that it enables them to create a sales engine for their businesses.

Consider the matter carefully. Videos provide superior explanations of the subject matter. They make it easier to capture the attention of your audience and communicate with them. You can easily demonstrate your product in action, simulate various use cases, and show your audience the benefits of using your product.

Additionally, videos generate greater engagement than all other types of content combined. It assists you in effectively communicating your message and gaining people’s trust. In addition, people and Google prioritize it over other types of content, making it the most effective tool for sales enablement.

For sales, you can create videos such as demonstrations, how-tos, testimonials, case study videos, etc. Here is an example of a case study video we produced for Asendia, the joint venture of French La Poste and Swiss Pos, to garner sales:

Goal 10: Develop Content for the Entire Sales Funnel

“As our business expands, I am creating content across the entire sales funnel.”

Video content in blog posts are significantly more engaging than text and images when presenting an offer.

Creating video content for your entire marketing funnel ensures that you create robust marketing materials with lasting results.

Video funnels adhere to the same Goals as your content marketing funnel, with KPIs associated with each stage. To attract, educate, convert, and retain buyers, you can produce videos tailored to each stage.

Or, if your budget permits, you can run video campaigns for each stage of your sales funnels and create even more assets to share across your various platforms.

Work with Gram to produce videos and conduct effective campaigns.

Video marketing is an efficient method for increasing sales, conversions, revenue, and brand recognition. It is an excellent instrument for increasing brand loyalty and affinity. It will also allow you to increase your appeal and visibility. The advantages of video marketing are innumerable.

At Gram, we are a team of video professionals of the highest caliber. Our team has over eight years of experience in video production, and we have collaborated with leading businesses across all industries and verticals. We have produced videos for DBS, UOB, Uber, and other companies.

We offer comprehensive video production services. Tell us what you want to accomplish with your video, and we will assist you in determining the most suitable videos. We handle the entire process so that you have nothing to worry about. Contact us here.

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Written By: Ho Chang Juns

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