Case Study: Great Eastern

GE launches new insurance premiums.

Once upon a client…

Great eastern approached us to create 2D animated videos for the insurance plans that they are currently promoting – The Great TripleCare MoneyBack and the Great Wealth Multiplier plan. The videos are to be split in 3 different versions: 60s, 30s and 15s each.  The 15s version is to be posted on social media platforms, such as YouTube. They had the marketing concept prepared in advance, so we had to turn it into animated videos to convince their target audience to sign up for the plans.


The main objective:

They wanted the videos to have all the details of the insurance plans, simultaneously being engaging and interesting for the target audience. The original storyboard we came up with was cut down a lot because we had to keep to the 15 seconds timeframe. We had to keep to the information about the insurance plan that they wanted to convey, and still make it fun and engaging to watch.

We decided to focus more on the colours and visuals to convey the message, as a full-length script with a storyline would be hard to squeeze into the timeframe.


How did we manage to do it?

Gram created a video that was straightforward and hit the nail on the target. The project went smoothly and we delivered the videos much to the client’s satisfaction.

The end result was…

The Great TripleCare MoneyBack video garnered 115,000 views on Youtube, surpassing all the other videos that Great Eastern has produced. Great eastern was very satisfied with the output, and have requested for us to work on another upcoming video. Stay tuned!




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