Commercial Videos

Delight and influence your viewers to be engaged and interested in your brand and what you can offer them.

What are Commercial Videos?

Commercial videos include stunning visuals to help you present your product or service in a more exciting manner. 

Who, When and How?

Who is it for?

Companies looking to share their content on a wider range of platforms can use commercial videos to not only inject personality into your content, but help your company grow organically.

When should you use it?

Commercial videos are effective at the awareness stage. With the primary motive to raise awareness such that you can use explainer videos to re-target your audience.

How should you use it?

Commercial videos leaves a lot of room to establish creativity. With stunning visuals to entice your audience to research more about your product or service.

Our past Commercial Videography:

Tissot – Global 1st Digital Facade Commercial Videography

EzyProcure – Your all in one procure to pay, and order to cash system.

Foodline Commercial Videography

Procurri is solves all your IT services and hardware needs.

Credit Culture Commercial Videography

A cleaner bitumen that minimizes the environmental impact of road paving.

Benefits of Commercial Videography

Higher Traffic.

Commercial Videography is highly effective in driving traffic. The more your clients enjoy your content, the more they crave to see more of it. 

Increased Engagement.

Watching a video is much easier than reading. Commercial videography makes it easy on the eyes which peaks your client’s increases their engagement with your content.

Gram Video Guidelines

Guidelines for a great explainer video

Keep it short.

The recommended duration is 30 seconds or less. That’s short enough to keep their attention, and long enough to deliver the key details.

Enticing to your audience

Focus on the essential values and benefits instead of the features with an enticing and specific call to action.

Visually appealing.

It’s not a corporate video, so it shouldn’t sound like one. Avoid technical jargon and use a conversational tone.

Thank you Gram Animation Studio for the amazing work on our 2d animation video. I had a great time working with your animation team. Your level of professionalism and attention to detail helped to bring our animated video alive.

Kenny Lau

Senior Creative Manager, Unilever

How do we craft effective Commercial Videography?

Video Strategy Framework

Understanding your business has always been our first priority. Through the years, we have created and refined our video strategy framework, allowing us to better translate the problems you solve, your unique solution, and your differentiating factors, into a compelling video story that captivates your audience.

Best of Both Worlds

A successful explainer video combines both strategy and creativity to win over your audience. The creativity captures their attention and makes them watch on, while the strategy means that you are delivering the right message to the right audience, at the right time and location in order to drive action and see the best results.

Additional Details


Our video solutions starts from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the style, duration, complexity, timeline, and other factors. Discounts can be given for multiple videos.


It usually spans 4-8 weeks, depending on feedbacks, approval time, and revisions. Find out how we make your explainer videos. Express delivery is also available for urgent projects.

What's next?

After watching your explainer video, your viewers will now be deciding which company to go with. Inspire confidence by sharing your values with a company story video.

Persuade Your Audience With Videos

Let’s connect and achieve your goals together.

Looking for more?

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