Corporate Videos

Explain your company history, milestones, awards and accomplishments to your clients along with your list of service, products and your mission values.

What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate Videos are live-action productions that convey information about your company, its history and milestones, to provide an overview of what your company is about. 

Who, When and How?

Who is it for?

Companies seeking to transform bland statistics, quotes and numbers into impactful stories can use corporate videos combined with motion graphics to help leave a lasting impression to your viewers.

When should you use it?

After watching your corporate video, your potential customer is more likely to trust your brand, and will also understand how your company can provide them the solution that they are looking for. 

How should you use it?

Corporate Videos provide a way to express your brand’s voice. Professional graphics supplement live production, creating a cohesive brand image and informative video. 

Our past Commercial Videography:

Corporate Video

ILO is the technology translation and commercialisation arm of NUS.

Corporate Video

Learn how NTU is re-inventing mobility with its new transportation framework.

A*Star ARTC Corporate Video

Welcome to the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center.

Block 71 Corporate Video

Discover how Block 71 came to be the entrepreneurial enclave it is today.

Trigen Corporate Video

Learn about all of Trigen’s industry leading capabilities.

HighSpark Corporate Video

Find out how HighSpark create powerful and trans-formative story presentation.

Benefits of Corporate Video

Boring to brilliance.

Facts and numbers aren’t always the key to getting your viewer’s attention. By presenting facts in a narrative structure, alongside stunning visuals, your corporate video becomes easily digestible and sticks with your audience.

Overview of your company.

Viewers and investors in Singapore and worldwide are able to quickly understand your company history and what it does in a short span of time to help determine if you are a right fit for what they are looking for. 

Gram Video Guidelines

Characteristics of a great Corporate Video

corporate videos story

Tell a story.

Do not list your milestones and awards line by line. No matter how ‘corporate’ your audience is, they’re still humans and prefer to hear a story.

corporate video theme

Make them curious.

Tell your story, just enough to let people know what your brand is all about. If the corporate video has done its job, those who are curious will naturally want to find out more. 

corporate videos be creative

Be creative.

Express your creativity but ensure your visuals and script go hand in hand with your brand and theme to ensure your corporate video is engaging.

Awesome agency! Our first time engaging Gram and I must say that they are one of the best video agency that I've worked with! Very accomodating, prompt delivery, and very well executed final production. Thank you Gram team for a great job!
Lee San Kong

Vice President, UOB (United Overseas Bank)

How do we craft effective Corporate Video?

Video Strategy Framework

Getting to know your business is a big part of our plan. In our years doing video production in Singapore, we have devised and finetuned our video strategy framework, which helps us turn the pain-points you address, your innovative solution, and your distinguishing features, into an immersive film narrative that engages your target group.

Best of Both Worlds

An excellent corporate video marries creativity and strategy to attract your audience. Creative videography grabs attention and retains viewership, while effective strategy ensures you deliver the intended message to the intended demographic, at a suitable time and place, to spur action and produce results for your brand.

Additional Details


Our video solutions usually range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the style, duration, complexity, timeline, number of videos and others. Discounts can be given for multiple videos.


The video production process spans 4-8 weeks, depending on feedbacks, approval time, and revisions. Find out how we make your videos. Express delivery is also available for urgent projects.

What's next?

After watching your corporate video, your viewers will now be deciding which company to go with. Boost credibility and let them know how you achieve success for others by sharing testimonial videos.

Interested in getting real results with videos?

Let’s connect and achieve your goals together.

Looking for more?

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